Manab Mukherjee


Equipe TERA
Manab Mukherjee
Géosciences Rennes

Bât. 14B, campus Beaulieu

Université de Rennes 1


RENNES 35042


Adresse courriel : manab [dot] mukherjee [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Numéro de bureau : Bât 14B, P209


I work on storage and transport mechanisms of fluid in porous and fractured geomaterials using experimental tools such as rock mechanics and petrophysics. My research aims to utilize the subsurface for storage of fluids; such as CO2 which is harmful to the environment or phases such as H2 which can be utilized as energy sources . My overall research direction aims to provide technological mitigation measures to climate change with adaption of energy transition.


  • Uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial rock deformation experiments in compression and tensional regimes
  • Core flooding and single or multi phase permeability measurements with both liquid as well as gas
  • Pore size characterization using gas intrusion and image analysis methods
  • Elasticity characterization and laboratory scale seismic event monitoring through acoustic emission sensors


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