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French national plan for open science

Geosciences Rennes is involved in the French national plan for open science

"Open Science is a new cross-cutting approach to access to scientific work, aims and sharing of science results, but also a new way of approaching science, opening up processes, codes and methods. DIST-CNRS (2016). White Paper – Open Science in a Digital Republic"

Frédérique Vidal’s announcement of the national plan for open science on July 4, 2018, implements a policy that is both a public policy and a science strategy. It decides to cover a much wider spectrum than just the opening of publications, which is the first floor of open science but cannot be summed up in it.

The plan is organized into three main axes:

  • generalizing open access to publications,
  • structuring and opening research data,
  • be part of a sustainable, European and international dynamic.

Open science is not a technical evolution, but a new paradigm shift, which involves evolutions of scientific processes, upstream and downstream. It is an opportunity to improve research itself but also its collaborative dimension and relationship with society.

Here is a small WillO (WillOpen) tool designed at Lilliad (University of Lille) to help researchers and teacher-researchers know their rights and obligations to disseminate their publications in open access. it relies in particular on Article 30 of the Law for a Digital Republic.


It's now the 2nd Natioanl Plan for an Open sciences with its 4 main axes (2021-2024):

  • Generalize open access to publications
  • Structure, share and open research data
  • Open and promote source codes generated by research
  • Transform practices to make open science the default principle


Open science news

The results of our collaborative watch Géosciences Rennes/ Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers en Région Centre (OSUC) on the news of open science can be followed on   

Here are some videos made by the University of Lorraine under the license CC-BY-NC-SA (in French)

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To learn how to manage/publish research data: DoRANum, resources to support the scientific community in data management and sharing


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