Jean-Noël Proust

Senior scientist

Team Paleoenvironment

Email : jean-noel [dot] proust [at] univ-rennes [dot] fr

Office number : Bât 15, P205

Scientific activities

My research activities are focused on the architecture of sedimentary rocks and the impacts of climate and tectonic deformation on sediment fluxes at the surface of the Earth, with a strong interest on the quantification of these fluxes.

Research topics

  • Controls on sediment fluxes from source to sink (S2S)
    • Active margin basins (New Zealand, Ecuador)
    • Passive margin (New Jersey)
    • Craton (North Africa
  • Sequence stratigraphic architecture of sedimentary rocks
    • Carbonate and mixed carbonate-terrigenous rocks: shallow platforms and ramps, mud and reef mounds
    • Clastic, terrigenous sedimentation: fluvial, eolian, glacial, shallow and deep marine
  • Natural hazards : paleoseismology, paleotsunamis and quaternary coastal change

Running projects

  • Passive margin sedimentary architectures & sea Level change. IODP 313 Expedition “New Jersey Shallow Shelf Drilling", INSU-CNRS, IODP-ECORD co-chief scientist
  • Quantification of the amplitude of sea-level change at geological time scales, INSU-CNRS, IODP-ECORD France
  • Tectonic and climatic controls on sediment fluxes of the Ecuadorian active margin during Pleistocene times, INSU-CNRS- SENECYST-IRD-Nice & Rennes University
  • Paleoseismicity, paleotsunamis, paleofloods insights from the sedimentary record of active margin basins (New Zealand and Ecuador) ANR REMAKE, INSU-CNRS- SENECYST-INOCAR-IRD-Nice & Rennes University


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