Isabelle Dubigeon

Assistant Engineer (Information)

Technical Department
Isabelle Dubigeon
Geosciences Rennes, library

building 14B campus beaulieu

University of Rennes 1


RENNES 35042


Email : isabelle [dot] dubigeon [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 223235810

Fax : +33 223236087

Office number : P009, Bât 14B


Documentation ORCID iD
  • Management of the open access repository of Geosciences Rennes and OSUR (collections HAL-GR and HAL-OSUR). Development of HAL Tools with two persons of University of Rennes 1 staff.
  • Administration of the catalog of the libraries of the OSUR
  • Books, thesis and maps Indexing of the collections of Geosciences-Rennes.
  • WinIBW Retrospective cataloguing ( SUDOC) and Koha (SCD Rennes 1).
  • Document searching: information officer for the Collective Scientific Expertise concerning the Eutrophication, sponsored by the Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment. (2015-2017)
  • Head librarian. In charge of the documentary and budgetary policy of the library department.


  • Oversight for the social network Scoop-it.on open data and open science
  • Webmaster of the site of the UMR 6118 (CMS DRUPAL).
  • Community manager OSUR (@OSURennes) and Géosciences Rennes (@GeosciencesR)


  • Training in Scientific and Technical Information, bibliography, and in the Web tools 2.0 (Masters 2 OSUR, members of Geosciences-Rennes, research teams, and users).
  • Training on communication tools (Drupal for the website, Wiki for intranet)


  • Project leader Scientific and Technical Information for Geosciences-Rennes (UMR 6118 CNRS)
  • Responsible for the revision of the Web site of the Unit. (Project over 2017-2018)
  • Committee member of piloting of Doc'Pl@nets, national network of the professionals of the Scientific and Technical Information of the INSU. (2014-...)
  • Representative elected staff representative ITA / BIATOSS in the council of the OSUR (2019-...)
  • Representative elected staff representative ITA / BIATOSS in the council of Geosciences-Rennes (2007-2011).
  • Member named in the council of unit (2011-2013) (representing the Information, Documentation, Communication department).
  • Member of the Election board of the Unit (2011-...)


  • In documentation :
    • 2001- ... : Lifelong training (ADBS, INIST, INRIA, CFCB, URFIST).
    • 2014-2015 : Certificate of specialization CNAM-INTD: "the Technologies of the Information-communication in information systems documentary" (Fourth-year university level).
    • In February, 2007: Professional License "Documentary Resources and databases", option documentation of company, of the National Institute of the Documentary Techniques.
    • In June, 1999 : Information officer's technical Diploma of company of the IRTD-CNAM (Second-year university level).
  • In Earth sciences : Courses of geology SECOND-YEAR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA 1 AND 2 of the University of Rennes 1 (2002-2004).
  • Initial training :
    • 1986 : Fifth-year level in Medicine at University of Nantes.
    • 1980 : High school diploma in scientific series, "good" distinction, in the Regional education authority of Nantes.