Thomas GYOMLAI, new post-doctoral fellow

Its scientific topics
Garnet crown and rutile in contact between ilmenite and magmatic plagioclase in high pressure metagranite. Copyright : P. YAMATO & T. GYOMLAI

Although quartzofeldspathic rocks make up most of the continental crust, their high-pressure metamorphism has been little studied because eclogical facies are poorly developed or poorly preserved. Thomas GYOMLAI’s project consists of a detailed petrological study of hercynian and alpine metagranite without deformation, which allows to study the degree of transformation of quartzofeldspathic rocks during subduction. For this, he will use analyses of the chemistry of magmatic and metamorphic minerals, geochemical analyses of the global rock, thermodynamic modelling, zircon U-Pb dating and field observations to constrain the origin and evolution of metagranites ...