Ricardo GOMEZ, Post-doctoral researcher MOPGA

In team DEMO(dé)
Glacial boulder near Lago Esperanza, Santa Cruz Province (Southern Patagonia, Argentina)

Ricardo Gomez joined Geosciences Rennes on November, the 8th, as a postdoctoral researcher. Ricardo was selected by the MOPGA (Make Our Planet Great Again) program, which annually funds 40 one-year research grants for young researchers working on terrestrial systems, climate change, energy transition,..
He is part of the Demo(dé) team and collaborates with Benjamin Guillaume.
During his PhD at the Universidad Nacional de Río Negro in Argentina, Ricardo studied the beginning of the Andes uprising in central-western Argentina (34-35°S) from a multi-proxy study of sedimentary provenance.
His research in the MOPGA project is mainly focused on the study of the impact of surface processes (including glacial erosion) and deep processes (mantle flow) on the spatio-temporal distribution of erosion in Patagonia, producing new constraints based on low temperature thermochronology data.
To do this, Ricardo conducted the sampling of terminal moraines along the Andes of Patagonia, on a 1,250 km long N-S transect. During his post-doctorate, Ricardo will also perform reverse modeling of these new detrital and thermochronological data already available in situ. This approach will test two competing hypotheses on climate and tectonic controls.