Pierre DIETRICH, junior scientist in team Paleoenvironment

He has just taken his position at Geosciences Rennes
Deltaic sediments 100 m-thick on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence Estuary recording the melting of the Laurentide ice sheet. Copyright : JF GHIENNE

Pierre Dietrich is a sedimentologist, stratigrapher and geomorphologist excited about the use of glaciogenic morphosedimentary systems to reconstruct the time-space extent of ice sheets that once occupied the surface of our planet, in recent (Quaternary) and ancient (Paleozoic) times. He conducted his Phd at the University of Strasbourg (2012-2015) dedicated to the study of glaciogenic sedimentary series recording the recession of the Laurentide Ice Sheet over eastern Canada (Quebec). He later moved to South Africa as postdoctoral fellow at the University of Johannesburg (2016-2018) where he investigated the morphosedimentary imprints of ice masses that occupied Western Gondwana some 300 Myr ago. During his stay, he conducted (and enjoyed!) many field campaigns throughout southern Africa. Coming back to France in 2019, at the University of Rennes, he has ever since tackled the legacy of past ice sheets on the landscape of Southern Africa; many modern, desertic landscapes that characterize the high-standing south African plateau were carved by flowing ice sheets that have long (hundreds of millions of years!) disappeared.