Marie BAÏSSET, new post-doctoral researcher

her scientific projects
Propagation of the reaction at 90° of the maximum main stress based on field observations in Baïsset et al., 2023 (in press), experimental results (Baïsset et al., 2023 in prep), and numerical modeling results of a densification reaction according to Yamato et al., 2022 (top right).

As part of this post-doc, Marie BAÏSSET will work on the link between Transformation and Deformation of rocks, comparing the results of Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Models (TanDEM project). The main question is: can we elucidate the feedback between metamorphic transformations and thermo-mechanical processes, and thus identify the mechanisms that have a real impact on the rheology of rocks being transformed?

After a thesis focused on rheological behavior and metamorphic transformations of plagioclase feldspar aggregates deformed at high pressure and high temperature in a Griggs press at the ENS of Paris, Marie will therefore carry out preliminary experiments on two other types of reactive aggregates in order to study the mechanical impact of quartz/coesite reactions and peridotite serpentinization. These results will then be compared with the results of numerical simulations conducted at Géosciences Rennes