Incoming of the new py-GCMS AGILENT

New device for the LaDAMO service (integrated into the CONDATE-Eau platform)

The LaDAMO service integrated into the CONDATE-Eau platform is specialized in the molecular-scale analysis of natural and anthropogenic organic matter. This service is attached to the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Rennes (OSUR) and is run by three permanent staff from the UMR 6118 Géosciences Rennes. It is also included in the GEOF instrument network within the REGEF research infrastructure.

The expertise of this service are to translate the molecular composition of samples into sources, reactivity and dynamics of organic matter. For this purpose, families of target molecules relevant to the scientific question studied are identified to best meet the need for research. The research themes addressed via this tool include the determination of sources of microbiological contamination of water, the transfer to the soil-river interface of dissolved and particulate MO, the paleochemistry of ambers, the incorporation of MO into soils via earthworm activities, the impact of sedimentary MO composition on its biodegradability, the impact of agricultural practices on soil MO composition and the development of nanoplastic analysis.

Since September 15, 2021, LaDAMO has acquired a new pyrolyser FRONTIER LAB 3030 – Gas chromatograph AGILENT GC8860 – Mass spectrometer AGILENT 5977B Ion extractor source. This new equipment acquired as part of the CPER Buffon Phase 6 will make it possible to overcome new analytical challenges requiring lower detection limits to study environments poor in organic matter and increase the number of target molecules.

The instrument is still being validated until the end of November. It is available on request at: : osur-datationatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr