Hélène HIVERT, a new researcher at Géosciences Rennes

Projects in mathematics
Hélène Hivert is a mathematician, specialized in numerical analysis of partial differential equations. She worked on the construction of *Asymptotic Preserving* schemes, for kinetic equations or concentration phenomena in mutation-selection equations. These models are for instance applied to plasma physics or biology.

She holds the Inria position "CPJ Modéliterre", and she works on that project at Geosciences Rennes. The goal is to propose methodical tools for modelization and analysis, as well as to foster connections with IRMAR (Institut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes, which is a mathematics lab located on the same campus). She also aims to develop multidisciplinary reseach and collaborations at the interface between thematics of Geosciences Rennes and mathematics.