Evolution of the Pyrenees during the varisque and alpine cycle 1

ISTE Editions book
 ISTE Editions book

under the direction of Nicolas Saspiturry, Jessica Uzel, Alexandre Ortiz

[Source : OSUR]

Evolution of the Pyrenees during the varisque and alpine cycle presents the evolution of the Pyrenean geological knowledge resulting from major scientific research programs of the early 21st century.

This book, published in March 2023, devoted to the varisque cycle and the Cretaceous rifting, retraces the evolution of the Pyrenean domain between 340 Ma and 90 Ma. It first analyzes the state of knowledge of the base of the Pyrenees whose structure is inherited from the varisque evolution of this domain. Then it traces the kinematic evolution, since the Paleozoic, of the western Mediterranean domain. Finally, it deals with the evolution of knowledge about Cretaceous rifting and the sedimentary and metasomatic processes associated with the individualisation of the Iberian-Eurasian plate limit.

Several members of Géosciences Rennes (Yves Lagabrielle, Thierry Nalpas, Marc Poujol) and former PhD students (Jessica Uzel, Alexandre Ortiz, Roman Chelalou, Tarik Kernif, Benoit Quesnel) contributed to this:

  • The synextension sedimentary breccia in the north-east of the Pyrenees (Tarik KERNIF, Thierry NALPAS, Romain BOUSQUET et Roman CHELALOU)
  • The North-Pyrenean area: a rift with hyperaminated crust and bare mantle (Yves LAGABRIELLE)
  • The Trimouns talc-chlorite deposit (Michel DE SAINT BLANQUAT, Philippe DE PARSEVAL, Alexandre BOUTIN, Benoit QUESNEL et Marc POUJOL)

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