Emma VAIRÉ, a new PhD student in team DEMO(dé) and LabCom Fractory

Control of topographic stresses on the development of shallow bedrock fracturing and its control on landform dynamics

PhD student at Géosciences Rennes since May 2023 at the joint laboratory Fractory, under the direction of Philippe DAVY, Philippe STEER and Caroline DARCEL, Emma has a CIFRE funding in partnership with Itasca Consultants, a company specialising in the consultancy, development and sale of softwares in geomechanics and hydrogeology.

She obtained an engineering degree in Geophysics and a Master in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the School and Observatory of Earth Sciences in Strasbourg (EOST) in January 2023.

Her research experience is focused on rock and fluid mechanics. Emma has carried out several projects in the experimental ock physics laboratory at the Institut Terre et Environnement in Strasbourg on the mechanical properties and anisotropy of volcanic rocks. Then, she approached these themes through the prism of modeling, by completing her final internship at the Fractory, where studied numerical flow resolution in fractured crystalline media.

Currently, modeling is at the heart of her thesis, this time by integrating a geomorphological component. The objective is to characterize the link between subsurface stresses, particularly those generated by topographic or glacial overload, and fracturing of bedrock, while considering a possibility of feedback between the two.


Contrainte verticale [Pa] calculée sous une surface topographique avec le logiciel FLAC3D.

Vertical stress [Pa] calculated under a topographic surface with the FLAC3D software.