1er thesis prize of Rennes 1 Foundation for Jean Marçais

Rennes 1 Foundation "Progress, Innovate, Undertake"
Fundation Rennes 1 2019
Jean Marçais is the winner of the 1st Prize of the Rennes 1 Foundation of the field of research Sciences de la Matière. The Rennes Foundation 1 thesis prizes "Progress, Innovate, Undertake" reward theses for their innovative character
The Rennes 1 Foundation "Progress, Innovate, Undertake", whose objective is to strengthen the relations between the University of Rennes 1 and companies to promote innovation and socio-economic development, has postponed on April 26, 2019, for the seventh edition, its thesis prizes. Applications were open to doctors enrolled in Rennes 1 who had supported their thesis in 2018. Thesis prizes are awarded to works with the highest potential for innovation and/or technology transfer.
The meaning of the concept of innovation is organisational, social, managerial, industrial and technological innovation… The potential for industrial or commercial exploitation is also highlighted. The jury is made up of academics and business leaders

His thesis is "Variability of residence times of water and flows in rivers and groundwater: implications for water quality"

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