The general assembly of Géocontact was held on Monday 26 September 2022 and a new board has just been installed. An opportunity to look back at the actions and projects of the association founded in 1986!
Logo Géocontact

What is Geocontact ?

Géocontact is the association of students interested in Earth Sciences, from the Bachelor's to the Doctorate level. Its main objective is to allow a better integration of students within the laboratory and to facilitate the links between teachers/researchers and students of the different classes. Since September 2017, the OSUR coordinate 8 training courses related to Earth and Environmental Sciences:
-    a Bachelor's degree in "Earth Sciences" (ST), with two distinct courses ("Geosciences" and "Environment")
-    a Master's degree in "Earth, Planetary and Environmental Sciences" (STPE), with a course entitled "Geology, modelling and resource exploration"
-    a Master's degree in "Water Sciences" (SE) with several courses, including "Management of habitats and watersheds", "Hydrogeology, hydro-biogeochemistry, hydropedology", "Modelling of transfers in hydrology" and a dual degree course with Canada ("Geoengineering and the environment")
-    a Master's degree in "Bio-Geosciences", with the courses "Paleontology, Paleo-environment and Patrimony" and "Life, Earth and Universe Sciences". The latter also prepares future teachers for the agrégation examination.

In addition to the PhD students, more than 200 students may be concerned by the actions that Geocontact traditionally organises! Among these, we find:
-    Regular scientific seminaries, the Causeries de Géocontact, every Thursday at 4.30 pm in the OSUR conference room,
-    Tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students, with the annals of previous examination available,
-    Ordering of field equipments, including the famous geologist’s hammer,
-    Sale of t-shirts with the effigy of Géocontact,
-    Geological field trips around Rennes or further in Britanny, such as Crozon, Quiberon…
-    Theme evenings, about once a month (board games, raclette, Halloween…)


The Causeries de Géocontact

The Causeries de Géocontact, in particular, weekly feature two or three 15 minutes-presentations from PhD students, post-doc students, technicians or researchers. These presentations are followed by questions and exchanges and, of course, accompanied by a snack. Students are strongly encouraged to attend, starting with the first session on Thursday 13 October.

Les causeries de Géocontact


The board

The association can be found on several social networks in order to keep up to date with the news and what the office is up to throughout the year: on Facebook (Géocontact), Instagram (@geocontact_rennes) and LinkedIn, where internship, PhD and job offers are regularly published. The Géocontact website is also still active.
The new team, led by the new president Bastien Audran, is particularly keen to revitalise the association, particularly around its historic meetings, and to recreate links with the master's and bachelor's students. Other projects are also in the pipeline and Géocontact should be back in the news soon.
Joining the association is very simple! The membership fee of 5€ can be paid to Laura (laura [dot] fabletatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr) in building 15, door 320 or to Louis (louis [dot] gaudareatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr) in building 15, door 211. Don't hesitate to promote it around and to your students!

The board :
-    President: Bastien AUDRAN (PhD student – FRODO team – door 115)
-    Secretary: Marion FOURNEREAU (PhD student – DEMO(dé) team – door 101)
-    Treasurer: Laura FABLET (PhD student – Nanoscale team – door 320)
-    Vice-treasurer: Louis GAUDARE (PhD student – Systèmes endoréiques team – door 211)
-    Seminar and integration committee: Louis GAUDARE, Khaled BOCK (PhD student – FRODO team – door 115)
-    Communication committee: Manuel BRAZIDEC (PhD student – BIPE team – door 326), Thomas GEFFROY (PhD student – DEMO(dé) team)
-    Bachelor's and master's degrees liaison: Maëlys Bevan (Master 1)
-    Marketing committee: Fabien HUMBERT (teacher – FRODO team – door 128), Marion FOURNEREAU
-    Tutoring committee: Fabien HUMBERT, Bastien AUDRAN
-    Events committee: Guillaume FERNANDEZ (Phd student), Bastien AUDRAN, Marion FOURNEREAU, Thomas GEFFROY