FRODO : Interactions between Fluids, Rocks and Deformation in Orogenic Domains

FRODO is a multidisciplinary team focused on the study of natural geological sites where fluids interact with rocks during deformation.

Analyse du contrôle tectonique de la mise en place de veines de magnésite dans les ophiolites de Serbie et ses conséquences sur le processus de carbonatation du manteau.Analysis of the tectonic control of the emplacement of magnesite veins in the ophiolites of Serbia and its consequences for the process of mantle carbonation. copyright : Pierre Gautier



Academic staff

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Scientific topics

FRODO team is interested in the characterization of fluid-rock-deformation interactions in orogenic domains. We use structural geology, petrology and geochemistry to study natural systems in relation to their local and regional tectonic setting. Numerical modeling completes the analytical palette

Ongoing projects

Current projects include:

  • Tethyan Alps : fluids associated with mantle exhumation during Jurassic rifting
  • Ronda massif (Andalusia) : mobilization of metals during mantle serpentinization (PhD thesis of Bastien Audran)
  • Armorican Massif : Late Variscan metallogeny and Uranium mobility (NEEDS project and PhD thesis of Khaled Bock)
  • Rhodope massif (Bulgaria, Greece) : structural control and tectonic framework of gold and lead-zinc mineralization in the Eastern Rhodope and Central Rhodope, respectively


Other informations

FRODO collaborates with several institutes at

  • the national level (Nancy, Strasbourg, Orléans, Beauvais)
  • the international level (Sofia, Bulgaria; Quebec, Canada)