Seminar EDUC on Sustainable Changes: Climate and Ressources

The seminar will be fully online and take place in one day: June 17.
The deadline to apply is April 30.

You will have the opportunity to join the EDUC networks, meet scientists in your field and learn about collaborative research tools and funding offered by EDUC.

You can contribute or simply assist to thematic sessions proposed on various topics of Environment, Earth, Life and Social Sciences where scientists from EDUC partner institutes will present their research topics and discuss collaboration alleys.

Apply online to propose a presentation of your research, to propose a new topical session or simply to attend the seminar.
You’ll find details of the meeting and application procedure on the following link:

Guillaume Dupont-Nivet (guilllaume [dot] dupont-nivetatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr)
Katharina Kloss (Katharina kloss1atuni-potsdam [dot] de)