Europe and international

The unit is increasingly positioned in European and international projects, thus increasing its readability.


Currently, the laboratory manages 3 ERC (FEASIBLe, Quina World, Chorus), 2 ITN (ENIGMA, S2S Future) and participates in 1 JPI. The laboratory benifitted around 12 IF/Marie Slodowska-Curie fundings. These European projects are a formidable lever for the recruitment of doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. The unit is also involved in the assembly of European networks such as Elter, one of which could be the regional platform AAA (Atlantic Antropogenic lAndscape) proposed by the OSUR.


European linkages 2015-2020

The unit also participates in the EDUC (European Digital Univercity) training programme, with partners in Pècs (Hungary), Potsdam (Germany), Cagliari (Italy), Nanterre (France). This program will strengthen our student exchanges with our historical partners (Postdam, Cagliari).


At the international level, two IRP (International Research Program) are underway: one with Canada (RESO) and the other one with Potsdam in Germany (EarthSurf). The laboratory also participates actively in the IRP Saladyn (China) brought to the IPGP.

In parallel, the laboratory collaborates with numerous universities and institutes in many countries.

International linkages 2015-2020