Demo(dé) modeling challenges

The "Modelling Challenges" team [Demo(de)] offers a space of scientific animation around the modelling of the physics of geological processes and couplings, notably at the interfaces between tectonics, geomorphology and hydro(geo)logy. The members of this team share a scientific culture in Earth sciences, physics and numerical and/or experimental methods, with common problems concerning couplings (e.g. earthquakes and erosion), multi-physics approaches (metamorphism, deformation and high-pressure fluid flows), scale jumps and integration (e.g. from earthquake to orogeny, from pore to watershed), instabilities and complex processes, and numerical modelling (direct, inverse, statistical, artificial intelligence) and experimental modelling. Their research can have societal applications in the field of hazards, risks and resources. This team has the ambition to stimulate original research at the disciplinary interfaces and to structure a new dynamic for quantitative teaching in Earth, Water and Environmental Sciences. 


Academic staff :

PhD students, Postdocs and Project Engineers :

Technical staff :

Scientific subjects

  • Statistical analysis, inverse modelling and assimilation
  • Multiple hazards and risk assessment
  • Fracturing, instabilities and complex processes
  • Spatial and temporal scale transfers
  • Lithospheric dynamics, analogue modelling
  • Multiphysics and tectonics
  • Hydromechanics
  • Reactive fluid dynamics in geological processes
  • Erosion, hydro(geo)logy and deformation

Main research projects