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The Museum: A resource for the Unit’s activities

Geosciences Rennes laboratory provides a collection of Earth Sciences samples (mineralogy, paleontology, petrography, etc.) for the teaching and research activities, part of this collection is presented in the museum of geology. This space also houses twenty-five paintings, classified as a Historic Monument, by Mathurin Méheut and Yvonne Jean-Haffen in the 1940s for the Institute of Geology.

The collections and museum are managed jointly by Geosciences Rennes and the Cultural Department of the University of Rennes 1.

For a more detailed description, please visit the “geology collection” and “geology museum” pages found in the links to the right.

Access to geological collections databases

Access to geological collections databases. The palaeontological collections held at the Museum of Geology are estimated at approximately 800,000 specimens. Nearly a third of the collections are currently inventoried and now accessible via the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) databases at the following address:
We are also working on the digitization of reference specimens that comprise the 5,000 or so types and figures of paleontology with the Recolnat project (

More than 500 collectors contributed to the creation of these collections initially kept at the Museum of Rennes and the Faculty of Science of Rennes. In order to enrich the knowledge and history of the naturalist collections, the list of collectors is on the right of this page


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