2021 carbon footprint

Empreinte carbone de l'année 2021

Ce diagramme est interactif. The C footprint of UMR 6118 Geosciences Rennes was determined using the GHG1.5 tool. This C footprint corresponds to 708 +- 135 tCO2eq for the entire laboratory, i.e. 5.1 +- 0.25 tCO2eq/pers/year (140 employees). Purchases represent 54% of the total C footprint, including 10% for purchases of scientific equipment via the Buffon CPER. Travel represents 16% of the total C footprint, which is well below the 2019 figure, mainly due to teleworking and the effect of the Covid period. The building (heating and electricity) represents 29% of the laboratory's C footprint.

Bilan carbone par année